Brad mills bitcoin

brad mills bitcoin

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They realize it's all VC exchange that was really, uh, in the United States where in when Corey was first with Bitcoin adoption. It just helps me with. They've hired, I think they've frustrated and pissed off by the on, on the reviews. And then somebody commented on, to invest in Swan Bitcoin as a seed investor back I think it was the to the world and censorship.

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Eth btc wallet Um, I wouldn't take it because then I wouldn't feel, if Swan starts to do things that I feel are not good, then I wouldn't feel like I would be able to criticize. Take the gold. So then Ethereum said, well, we're gonna make our stock to flow ratio better than Bitcoins, and now this is ultrasound money. Barely any of them got fined. Uh, late last year, actually, almost exactly a year ago.
Trust wallet custom rpc If you bring physical dollars, you can get someone to take them off your hands pretty easily. Well, that is a, that is like a very interesting topic as well to, to kind of think about. And so by late , you had, what was left was like all these Plinko chips, right? And then two, any sort of volatile asset attracts leverage, unfortunately, where if they think it can go up 10 x and like, why I can buy this on, on debt and go up a hundred x. I figured they were gonna be successful because of the team that he had assembled back then in the early days. She writes very thoughtful, detailed analysis of like the history of money and, and, uh, markets and gold. And I think the price soared like a hundred x or something like that.
Brad mills bitcoin And so there's a lot of people that came into, come into the top of the bubble and they become significant network effects for shitcoin narratives and like tyrannical, sort of like OFAC compliant defi protocols that are just like controlling everything and have this massive pre mine treasury that they, they're just siphoning value, but they're convincing themselves that like they're doing something useful for the world. I want people to own their own Bitcoin and hold their own keys. Alex has been running spaces every day for the last year, at least on Twitter, and it's actually a really great spot where you can kind of. But gold is a hundred percent subject to man's law. A hundred percent. It's, it's, there are moments of time that are very clear to me and there are other moments of time that are very unclear and I think the next six months continues to be one that is very, ,.
Gala crypto chart Prudent and conservative behavior to like hedge some of that risk away and sell some Bitcoin and still keep your long-term position if you're like heavily in Bitcoin. And it's like 31 just pasted 31 trillion last week. But Bitcoin, the network is a technology and um, it's more akin to like bit torrent where it's illegal currently to file, you know, share files. That's now,. So it's like first get half as big as gold, then get as big as gold. And it's like, I think they do a syndicate as well on Angel List with Stephan Lavera, um, where you can invest in Bitcoin companies. In countries with a strong currency, individuals may not have that need.
Is cisco invested in blockchain So , beginning of , I was doing research about the industry, trying to figure out, okay, well I know I wanna work in this industry, I just don't know where. She said it therefore it is [] Yeah. So this is, uh, I guess all to say that I wish I was sponsored. More about Brad´┐Ż. Nah, just a normal. So I was happy to have, uh, Joseph kind of say, yeah, l let's do the podcast.
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The main topic of the show is censorship resistance and the advantages to the additional layers that Bitcoin has developed since its initial launch by Satoshi. They tackle the tensions between libertarian values and the reality of Ponzi schemes that sometimes tarnish the industry's reputation. I managed to do an in-person interview with them in my homeland of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.